New Ford Mustang 2014

New Ford Mustang 2014 Devotees Reviews

New Ford Mustang 2014 has been released its new design of Mustang. The design is way from the expectation of the devotees. They never go on this thought of design that will be applied on the new Mustang design. Ford claimed that this new Mustang can be so luxurious and different for previous muscular Mustang models. They want to make a big change as they think that the old design […]

New Bronco Truck Engine

New Bronco Truck Specifications

New bronco truck or The 2015 Ford Bronco concept has already been released, but the car itself still catch controversy because the real design hasn’t been released yet. But, there are many articles that already discuss about this bronco truck from Ford. Actually, if we are driving in a challenging off-road, Bronco is actually the right choice because this car is set up to be off-road oriented car. It’s been […]

2014 Audi RS6 Avant

New Technology from Audi on Audi RS6 Avant

Audi rs6 avant is a new potential car in the racing world. This car has lots of specifications that will make you consider taking a closer look. This car has the highest performance, it beats its previous generation Audi S6. The name RS can stand for Renn-Sport in German, or Racing-Sport in English. The name has described this car since it has the most powerful engine that will give you […]

2015 Mustang Cobra Interior

2015 Mustang Cobra for Elegant Outlook

2015 Mustang Cobra is another Mustang model that has been developed recently. This car has a concept that is adapted from cobra. The main design that is accentuated on this car is about the exterior which has special design that can be so muscular in road. However, the main exterior is only designed through the special touches that can make the cobra outlook. The color choosing is also being the […]